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What do you do when your life is flipped upside down?​ ...and how do you cope when your memories and sanity begin to fail you?

Things took a turn for the worst for Mark when his wife, Rachel, passed away.

But he's got other matters to deal with. A demonic entity stalks him. And he's just found out he's a healer.

Join Mark as he travels down an unfamiliar path, discovering a world filled with lies and deception. But the worst was not being able to make sense of what was real anymore. Between life-changing decisions and troubling questions, a dark conspiracy reveals itself and faces Mark. 

What was going on, and was it too late to turn back?

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Brown Mohamed

The Healer - Brown Mohamed

A crisply told paranormal thriller with thoughtful material. Mohamed does justice to the heady ideas and paranormal thriller genre. Lovers of this genre will enjoy this book, which moves fast and boasts big revelations.


by Publishers Weekly

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